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Q: What is the strength of MS Bioanalytical?

A: MS Bioanalytical is distinguished from other food and nutrition testing laboratories in three aspects: ability to analyze complex formulations at relatively low concentration of the analytes by using LC/MS/MS; regular five working days turnaround service for most samples, and high-value added service.


Q: What technologies are used for complex matrices?

A: Most frequently used analytical methods are LC/MS/MS (nonvolatile and polar compounds) and GC/MS (volatile and semi-volatile compounds). These analytical instruments enable us to obtain excellent test results with minimal interference and to detect compounds at relatively low concentrations.


Q: What are the quality control measures used in the laboratory?

A: We have comprehensive Total Quality Management System and Quality Management Program as well as a complete set of SOPs in place. These documents are executed by our Quality Manager to ensure the quality results of our testing service.


Q: What is the regular turnaround time service offered?

A: Our regular turnaround time is five to ten working days, with most of samples turnaround at five working days. We also provide urgent and expedite service with premiums.


Q: What is the preferred method for Vitamin D analysis?

A: We prefer LC/MS for Vitamin D2 and D3 analysis. The same for Vitamin K, and Biotin.


Q: Why are some analytical results so different between testing laboratories?

A: Herbal Products are complex in their chemical profiles, which is challenging to any chemists to separate and quantify these compounds covered at concentrations from ng to mg. What adds to the difficulty is the fact that there are no universally-accepted standard methods for such analysis. We at MS Bioanalytical often use HPLC for compounds at relatively high concentration and LC/MS/MS for those at low concentrations. We always go extra miles to ensure the best possible results are obtained from herbal product testing.

Q: Does MS Bioanalytical provide discount for volume and large customers?

A: Yes, we do, the discount shall be determined according to the test volume of each customer on quarterly-annually basis. For example, we have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories with discount from 20-5% discount.

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